It has been reported that more than 10 customers are left hanging without any work done to the homes despite full payment to the company.

Dear All Customers

This is to inform all Customers of Reka Bina Pte ltd that I am currently being warded in the hospital for Heart Issues.

Regretfully, I wish to announce to all about the Current Status of Reka Bina Pte Ltd.
Sincerely, Reka Bina Pte Ltd is undergoing a very Serious Financial Complication at present. Henceforth, we are unable to commit/extend or continue any Renovation Works with Immediate Effect. For now, The Company will seize any operation(s) in regards to any Renovation Works/ Orders, as we are Winding-Up; due to Business Failure.

Honestly, We have NO-Intention to create any unpleasant experience(s) for all Customers

A victim made his comments online

“My family and about ten other families have engaged this company for our home renovation and money has been fully paid.
“Delays has been going on. First, a worker met and accident, then worker mia, then worker run away with company fund, then not enough workers and etc etc.
“This morning, we received a very shocking and unexpected message from the owner, saying there’s “very serious financial complication”
“We would like to know if there is anymore victims by the same company so that we can atleast fight for this case together to get back our money.”


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