At around 11am this morning, my uncle and I were headed back to Alabang from Lipa, and we decided to stop by for lunch at Chowking located in Shell gas station in Mamplasan along SLEX. While we were eating (around 11:25am), a woman approached our table and told us that our car had just been hit. I asked her what was the car model and what was the plate number of the vehicle that she was talking about, but she only repeatedly said that our car got hit and she said that it was the vehicle parked in front of Café France (exactly where we parked). I decided to head out and check whether it was indeed our car that got hit, leaving my uncle behind inside Chowking.

While I was gone, a man approached my uncle and said that his companion (pertaining to me) dropped something under the table where we were eating. Thinking that those things belonged to me, my uncle got up from where he was sitting to check on the things on the floor, leaving his bag that contained important documents and some of his personal belongings (which was on the chair beside him) momentarily. As seen on the CCTV footage, as my uncle got up, a man seated behind him stood up, picked up my uncle’s bag, hid it under his jacket, then hurriedly went out with the man who “dropped” the things under the table. 

Posted here are the photos of the woman that approached me and the man who stole my uncle’s bag. I also attached the CCTV footage from the time the man approached my uncle telling him of the things under the table until the moment the bag was stolen.
If you have any knowledge of their whereabouts, please send me a direct message through my Facebook account.
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Source: FB post by  Ryan Mina


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