Reacting heightened security threats Singapore Police Force is testing out semi-auto pistols!!


Singapore Police Force (SPF) will have their forefront officers be able to tackle heighten security threats by issuing them with more lethal and accurate firearms like the semi-automatic pistols compared to the revolvers currently being used.

Compared to the currently issued .38-calibre Taurus revolver to the forefront officers holding 10 rounds, pistol would on a standard magazine hold a larger bullet capacity of 17 rounds.

Despite revolvers and pistols being both handguns, revolvers requires to load the bullets into revolving cylinder while pistols is reload by a magazine. Thus the reloading time will be lesser for a pistols compared to a revolver making it a more efficient weapon

A new pistol model would be implemented soon with the police going through the test phase of several pistol model for numerous months.

Between those pistols being field-tested locally the central European 9mm pistol is said to be the preferred choice to be equipped for the forefront officers.

“Given the heightened threat environment, the police have started to train and will equip officers in regular frontline units to use pistols.” an SPF spokesman who was responding to questions.

He announced that the force have that pistol which are already used by certain units with the police put their equipment though frequent assessment and more facts on application will be publicised later.


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