MNHO is only 17 and still yet to finish his O levels, however he is currently in the court records as a graduate in sexual violations.

MNHO was depicted by Justice Tay Yong Kwang as ‘an undeniable threat to powerless young ladies and ought to be isolated from them by a tall and thick invulnerable divider’.

That is the manner by which a High Court judge portrayed the serial molester and attacker who went after 11 young ladies in the Bedok Reservoir and Tampines regions in the space of 1½ months in the current year. He did as such without trying to hide and close to their homes.

MNHO was condemned to 20 years in prison and 24 strokes of the stick yesterday for different sexual offenses conferred on young ladies between the ages of eight and 12.

‘Some of these 11 youthful pre-pubescence young ladies were looted of their property, two were ransacked of their virginity, yet all were denied their pride by the vile demonstrations of this challenging raider,’ said Justice Tay Yong Kwang.

Regardless of not having carried out any past violations, his age and his despondent youth, ‘he is an undeniable risk to defenseless young ladies and ought to be isolated from them by a tall and thick invulnerable divider’, he included.

MNHO confessed to 10 charges – four of exasperated shock of unobtrusiveness, two of bothered assault, three of unnatural sex and one of theft – while the rest were considered amid condemning.

Delegate Public Prosecutor G. Kannan, together with DPP Shirani Alfreds, said MNHO was caught close to his Tampines Avenue 5 home on March 30 this year.

After a few reports of assault and attack had been held up by different casualties in the territory, the police set up together a photofit of the suspect. The guilty party was captured after an officer at Bedok neighborhood police headquarters distinguished him.

MNHO’s business as usual was to take after his casualties into lifts and drag them out onto arrivals with their mouths secured before he debilitated them with savagery and either assaulted them or constrained them to perform oral sex on him.

He did this with his first assault casualty, a nine-year-old, on March 15, after six days with a 11-year-old young lady, with an additional 11-year-old young lady on March 24 and an eight-year-old young lady on March 29.

Prior to these episodes, on Feb 23, he took after a 12-year-old young lady in a transport to close to her home and stole her cell phone worth $350.

Depicting his direct as absolutely unforgivable, DPP Kannan said the long haul mental impacts on the casualties ought to be considered. He additionally contended that the court should make sure that socially loathsome acts met with a hardened discipline.

As per neighbors, he has two more established sisters and his mom runs a shop offering garments in Geylang.

Neighbors portrayed the youngster as ‘conventional’.

One neighbor living on a similar floor said he was tranquil and appeared to be even meek. ‘I’m amazed to hear that he has done this type of thing


source: FB post by Crime Library Singapore


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