Racist Singapore Couple Cut Queue Still Want Scold People



Ang moh came early to queue up for nice japanese restaurant. This lj couple cut queue and tell ang mo to go back to where he came from and said “look at his cheap clothes, why dont u go rob a bank”.

After the restaurant manager manage to settle them down. This white hair bastard took video of the ang moh while chasing him out and said “see how u find job in singapore,i will make u famous”.

Knn this cb kia still so proud post with middle finger. Disgrace to Singapore.

SINGAPORE UNCENSORED WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS!  Anyone know who is this couple please send the information via FB message or contact form on the website.

Sorry for my language but i’m really mad and this kind of people.

Dear ang moh, if you’re reading my article i want to apologize on behalf of Singapore for your unpleasant day from this two ill mannered bastards.


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