Racist PRC Woman Say Malays Are Disgusting


racist_prc_woman_tudung_hijab_malay_singaporeans_hawker_centerI saw this absurd bigot weibo post by a PRC bitch living in Singapore. She posted a photograph taken at the peddler focus with a couple of malay women wearing tudung situated close-by.

This racist babi cry that she feel dirtied being encompassed by individuals who cover their heads with shabby head fabric. It makes whatever she is eating feel not pleasant and nauseating. She can’t stand seeing so having such a variety of malays around her.

On the off chance that you need come to Singapore, better figure out how to acknowledge our unique society and racial agreement. Try not to come here and bring your retrogressive bigot state of mind into Singapore. In the event that you feel so nauseated and contaminated why not fuck off from my dearest country.

Incidentally, you know why I can comprehend the crap you write? It is on the grounds that I am a Malay who take in Chinese in school and from my Singapore Chinese companions. So fuck you PRC bitch and get your insensible face out of my nation. Take in some admiration before pooping in individuals’ HOME. This is Singapore, not China!

Submitted by john seow


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