Racist Indian FT Wants To Fire Singaporean To Hire His Fellow Countryman


I Still Remember Being “backstabbed” by India FT. Or rather front tabbed…If there is such a word.

In my previous company, I wasn’t very happy with my supervisor so I decide to talk to my director about it. He decides to sit in as well (my biggest mistake is to allow him to do that). In front of the director, he said I am always later for work even though I live near the office. Then say I go lunch sometimes more than 1hr. I was like huh? You step into office after 9 am (8.30am work time) all the time and you complain that I am late? Wow…..I didn’t say anything, though. I know you live in woodlands but does that give you a right to come late every day?

From then on I became very wary about Indians, especially those from India. My current company also Indian from India. I tell myself I have to go one day. Really, the Indian from India keep asking me to leave. I don’t know who is taking over me, could be another Indian from the same village. Now I am looking for new job. When I go interview, I am very careful. I tell myself see Indian with India accent, straight away reject.


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