Punggol Scammer Claims To Be From Town Council


UntitledOn Saturday evening, a Indian man came to a HDB unit at Punggol Blk 643 and claim to be from the town council. He told the home owner that there was water leakage in his master bedroom. The home owner got felt that it was weird as there were no leakages in his home.

The Indian man claim that his neighbour downstairs has been complaining and he is here to check.

He told the home owner that he wanted to enter and check but he was not able to shown any identification card. If its a problem in the HDB the proper department to check should HDB not the town council, unless its the last resort.

He said that he will need to go back to the office and inform that he was not allowed to enter.

Please take note of such scammer at Punggol area!!!



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