Ladies who are on Tinder or any dating apps, please be warned of this psychotic creep named Wenhui Tan. Sometimes, he goes by the alias Nowe.

My girlfriend matched with him on Tinder & they went for one lunch date on 30 Dec 2017, after which my girlfriend rejected him in a civil manner on Whatsapp (the first few screenshots).

He couldn’t deal with the rejection & he went all apeshit on her, started insulting her & her family, and even threatened to go to her workplace (she’s a teacher) to “lodge a complaint” against her. My girlfriend blocked him on Whatsapp subsequently but he turned to SMS & continued sending nasty text messages.

A police report has been made against him, with their Whatsapp conversation submitted as an evidence of harassment. While the police aren’t taking actions at the moment, what concerned me is that my girlfriend isn’t the only victim. After I shared this incident on my Instagram, to my horror, so many girls came forward & called him out—each sharing their experiences with him. They were mostly similar: that he couldn’t handle the rejection & started insulting + threatening women.

I want all of you—men & women alike—to know that no one needs to cower to such bullying. To all the women & girls out there, we live in a world with equality. We are in no way less superior just because we are born females.

Men may view women as sexual objects but we have our pride & we deserve respect no less as a person. Not all men are like that, though. Believe that there are good men out there & if one man doesn’t appreciate you, move on. Do not settle.

Do not let men insult & degrade you the way Wenhui did to all these poor girls. We are NOT supposed to feel low nor are we commodities for men to discuss, play with & rid of. We have to protect ourselves & be strong. Stand up & speak up against such douchebags. Do not suffer in silence.

I am sharing his Facebook profile, together with all the recounts from different women. Wenhui’s/ Nowe’s doing cannot be tolerated & there should never be another victim on Tinder/ any other dating apps.

Please share this post so that women (and men, in case he is bi) are warned of him. He stays in Mayflower Crescent.

Ladies who are on Tinder or any dating apps, please be warned of this psychotic creep named Wenhui Tan. Sometimes, he…

Posted by Melody Yap on Saturday, December 30, 2017


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