I am appealing to PropertyGuru and garnering support from the real estate industry leaders. Recently my associates have receive this so called Rumours of PropertyGuru increasing the reposting and boosting credits.

The cost if implemented,for newly agents and average producing agents is very destructive to them, as the overall market for rental and resale is still not that fantastic. A lot of agents are still struggling to keep up with cost that are increasing.

Our support to PropertyGuru is because it’s really effective but that doesn’t mean that we are being used to be at the mercy of the ever increasing yearly premium and reposting credits. If we are being deem as partner I think it shouldn’t increase the reposting at this point of time and even if you want to increase it shouldn’t be a 100% increase.

I hope all leaders are able to voice out for your associate and hopefully this is not true.

Not only that it has been confirmed by insider that propertyguru will increase the package prices once again!!! This time round almost double the price for a Specialist Account (renamed to premier package) from current $980.00 p.a. to $1880.00 p.a. with reduced number of listing posting from 50 to 25?!!! So what’s their justifications???

Seriously, isn’t this like Unfair Competition Act? It is kind of like a monopoly? Can any expert advise?(

We are paying the subscription fee aren’t we considered as Consumer too? Can’t Consumers Association of Singapore – CASE and/or CEA be involved?

Or may be the higher authorities and media need to be alerted in order action to be considered?

Standard Package
10 concurrent residential / commercial listing, 550 repost credit @ $880.00 p.a.

Advance Package
25 concurrent residential / commercial listing, 3,000 repost credit @ $1,880.00 p.a.

Premier Package
60 concurrent residential / commercial listing, 9,000 repost credit @ $3,980.00 p.a.

Business Package
100 concurrent residential / commercial listing, 35000 repost credit @ $9,880.00 p.a.

Facebook Post By: Daniel Phua


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