Taken from Facebook.

“Usually, I don’t have many complaints about the passenger, but this guy really stepped on my nerve and I am sharing this for any cause.

1. Arrived at destination on time, greeted him “Morning Mr Singh”. He greeted back, which is nice of him.

2. Went to his first drop-off location, which is his son’s nursery. Stopped there, and his wife brought the son into the nursery, and I was “commanded” (Yes you are right, commanding tone), “Park here and wait for my wife”, out of goodwill, I did it because I do not wish to ruin my day just because of his ego.

3. After a good 3 to 5 mins, the wife came. I actually waited! HAHAHA. Upon boarding back, I double confirm their 2nd drop-off location, “So we are heading to Paya Lebar Square right?” The wife responded, yes.

4. I head over to Paya Lebar Square as per GPS indicated, it’s pretty straightforward and I have been there. (Btw I am coming from Sims Ave side)

5. Best part lai liao, the moment I can’t 90 degree cut and alight him, he started doing this actions:
a. Throwing the phone on the seat (Can hear)
b. Commenting in an angry tone: “Your GPRS sucks!!!”
c. Giving angry face and sighing throughout
d. Upon drop-off, never say thank you nor apologize when I said thank you.

6. I even clarified with him that your pin location is paya lebar square and not paya lebar roadside/ paya lebar mrt drop off…

Why are they so hard to deal with, they need to learn man! On a positive note, I have met many nice passengers and I am proud to say, most of them are not from that group.”


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