Private hire driver run her car over foot of motorist involved in accident @ Yishun.


In the wake of getting engaged with a minor auto collision, this private-contract auto driver crawled her car forward to such an extent that one of its front tires run over the foot of the driver that caused the accident.

That driver, Jazz Tan, had been driving his auto along the furthest right path of Yishun Ring Road when the PHV driver, Quek Chin Fern, all of a sudden swerved her auto into his path from the left and into his auto.

The two drivers at that point ceased along the street close to the roadside of Yishun Junior College. Quek declined to give Tan her id card when asked for, just revealing her handphone number.

Tan at that point said he would call the police. That is when Quek say she needed to be rushing off to elsewhere.

Tan remained behind her car, a dark Toyota Isis, to keep her from driving off. Instead of halting the car, Quek kept it in reverse until the point when it came into contact with Tan.

Tan at that point moved to the front of her auto, again to keep her from driving off. Quek crawled her auto forward this time until the point when the front guard of her auto came into contact with Tan.

She kept doing that for a separation of around 50m, until the point that Tan ventured aside he felt an painful sensation in his left knee and found that his left shoe was stuck under the front right tire on Quek’s auto.

When he moved to one side, Quek drove off. The episode occurred at around 8.42pm on 17 Aug, 2015.


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