dasdas232This was what happened to my daughter last thursday, 6th Sept at ard 11am. Whole incident was the white board had fallen on my 5yo daughter at ard 11am. We are being told by the principal of school that my daughter “knock on to the white board” after 5pm.

Next day, bring my daughter go see doctor had an x-ray and discover her big toe bone was fractured. Trying to contact the school via school number n Hp since afternoon but no response at all. Till after 7pm finally gt reply frm principal. Request to see cctv footage on saturday but was told that she need IT guys assistance to view it. Huh??? And that would be monday 10 sept. So we decide to view on today 11 sept.

When we see the footage today, we can see the white board indeed fall on my daughter feet and is not “knock” as wat the principal had told us. There is only 1 teacher who is sitting and “FOCUSING” on “preparing for the class” as wat being claim by the principal.

Throughout the whole meet up session with school principal today, she is very defensive over the whole matter which make me n my wife more furious.

Who to contact for answers? This is negligence right?

Credit: Mr Poh


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