Pretty Girl Facebook Account Asking For Money


facebook_scam_easypay_pin_whatsapp_private_chat_1Someone by the name of Cathryn Hoo ( pm me, asking me for my number so can private chat with me, and be private friend. Wa song..chio bu drop from sky wanna WhatsApp with me… I give her my mobile number.

Within a short while, I reveive a sms msg containing a 4 digit pin (from easy pay), a OTP msg. Then this Cathryn hoo quickly ask for the 4d number. I asked her why need that to WhatsApp? She say once I tell her the 4d pin, then she can WhatsApp private chat w me. I never give her the 4d pin, but instead immediately told her come out now, I meet her give her cash now easier. She never reply my fb msg already. lol so… All please take note and be wary.

(Facebook Source: Kev Sim)


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