Kindly help me to share this post around , don’t only read them , thank you .

We are officially divorce on 16November2017 anyway . What a useless jerk seriously . Owe me 2k for four months till today already still giving me all sorts of lame excuses and not returning .

Are you still a man ?! Or are you a piece of sh*t ?!

Can lay hands and betrayed on your own wife , rob/steal parents room assets all . When wife 7months pregnant you can push her to ground and drag her on floor when you womanizing around . When daughter so sick and ill in ICU , never once you stay over in hospital to takecare . I’m the only person staying in the hospital to takecare my daughter alone with no help at all . For that 5days I never even went home at all , I suffered pain and heartbreaks alone in hospital seeing how hurting my daughter is suffering .

You told me you need to work , as a good wife , I asked you home to rest instead . In the end , you didn’t went to work , yet womanizing around when your wife is alone suffering in hospital . Don’t even have the time to go home and bath , because I can’t bear to leave my daughter alone in Hospital . I did my very very best as a wife and mother , what bout you . Few times I even wanted to commit suicide and I did , but you ignore me and was in hotel with other woman . You lay hands on me infront of my parents , friends and your parents . My dad was so pissed and whacked you up infront of the police , yet a joke like you have the cheek to say wanna sue my dad .

I told you , go ahead if you could win the case . At the end of the day you never even bring me to doctor when I was badly injured and got traumatized certified by NUH doctor . I have to hospitalized in hospital for 5days , but I rejected and went home instead . The person who bought me to hospital was his mum and by ambulance always after he abused me !!! Living with this man for the past 6years was a hell to me .

I forgive so many times yet never once he appreciate my goodness and effort . I had enough of everything till today , so I decided to voice out on all social media . Why ?! Because all his dumb friends around only listen to his untrue story . They don’t even know what I’ve been suffering throughout .

I speak with evidence , this guy EDWIN TAN ZHEN HAO is a bomber man . He’s good in cheating . And he went in prison before for cheating case . He told his friends around about me which is untrue , but he has no evidence . I’m quiet all along , I don’t wish to explain too . So today I decided to post everything out over here .

Kindly help me to share this post around , don't only read them , thank you . We are officially divorce on…

Posted by Joyce Lim on Saturday, January 20, 2018


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