So-called China PRC “tourists” refused to pay for “consultation fee” after seeing doctor.

These 2 kampong PRC pests claimed that they are not being informed of the $160.50 consultation fee hence not obliged to pay.

And once they sat down, they helped themselves to our biscuits and drinks throwing their trash on our sofa and BOTH went in for a lengthy 45mins consultation asking questions about their entire face taking pictures of the photos shown to them and yet when we only collected a SINGLE consultation fee, they claimed that they were not obliged to pay because they expected the consultation to be FREE since they never do anything!

From the CCTV footage, our consultation fee is clearly displayed at the front desk IN FRONT OF THEM.

The office security and police were called in and after a lengthy 4 hours, the PRC INSISTED that they are not going to pay and the police actually let them off our premises without informing us and advised us to file a lengthy civil case instead.

This is not the first time that the clinic met such pests from China, in Jun last year, a PR China woman vanished into thin air after doing her breast augmentation promising to pay after her surgery, a court order was issued against her however there was nothing that can be done on her.

We do not encounter such problems with patients from other nationalities, $160.50 might not seem like a big deal however we are very disappointed that these rouges can walk off away scot free without paying.

In this case, can we also walk away after a meal in a restaurant or after a haircut pretending that we do not know of the fees upfront?

How can we be protected ourselves against such scammers who can walk away without paying since the law can’t do much to protect us?

They must be gloating in victory thinking that they can get away with these free acts in Singapore and how gullible Singaporean are.

Source: Chia Chia


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