PRC man at sembawang “WE ARE GOD IF WE WANT U TO DIE U DIE”


starfucks-coffee-china_censoredDear Singapore Uncensored,

I have encountered the most rude person in my whole life. Earlier today, i was trying to get a seat at starbucks at sembawang. I found a seat and sat down with my coffee. A PRC man(well obviously the accent) and said that the seat belongs to him.

I said to him politely “when i came to this table it was not occupied, there is another seat right over there.”Guess what was his reply “I SAW THE SEAT FIRST WHY MUST I LET U TAKE THIS SEAT!? MOVE ALONG PEASANT”.

I was shocked by his response and said “there are plenty of seats to go around why must i move and you dont have to be so rude to call me a peasant!”.

He started to raise his voice and said “you dog, move it or i will dump my coffee on you!”. The starbuck workers came along and told him to stop.

“oh now you locals are helping locals? Dont mess with China, WE ARE GOD, IF WE WANT U TO DIE U DIE”

I am shocked and no longer happy living in Singapore. This is home? Truly?
A coffee table to become a peasant then a dog. worse tasting cup of coffee i had in my whole life.

Submitted By: Randy Norm


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