PRC LADY CLAIMS THAT DRIVER ACCUSED HER OF BEING drunk and get down off the cab without reason!


Gd evening.

I’m the victim of this incidence. The video showed here is only part of story when he kept recording me , I told my Daughter to record back for me & speak out, the truth can be justified. The policeman has called me to take down the pic or video relevant to this incidence which I post, as such this video should not existing on web to make things further & worse , and harm my reputation!

On 1st Sep night, after celebrate holiday in restaurant, I was a bit high but not drunk, the staff kindly on call this taxi SH6644K from comfort for us. While I boarded his cab at 11:22pm, I did not know it’s on call by staff of the restaurant, so I told my Daughter that must inform me anything before doing it. I did not scold my Daughter, just normal conversation. He started recording us while driving his car, paid attention to our conversation and suddenly interrupted, ” Don’t scold your Daughter inside my car, you want scold u can go home to scold, get down of my car. I f**k you!”

I replied, I didn’t scold my Daughter, and my Daughter also stand out for me, says ” why u said that to my mum, she didn’t scold me at all, And as driver u should provide service, not interrupt our conversation. ” He says to my Daughter, “you are so stupid ”

After he told us to get down of his car, he stopped at road junction while traffic light turned to red, I quickly opened door & pulled my Daughter out of his car, as he refused to continue service to us. He immediately called police with the fake statement ” drunk women with alcohol smell get down of cab with no reason “!

He kept video us & tell fake story to the officer, so I asked my Daughter to video him & speak out what happened inside the cab. That’s why I mentioned in the video to post on Facebook to let people judge.

It’s typical discrimination case, as he thought I’m the PRC lady, I told him I can exercise the same right as citizen here. Anybody encounter prejudice like me, Will react & fight for the right , nobody is willing to accept bullying in any country.

I ll let my lawyer to handle this incidence, i will be grateful if your page will take down this post ASAP.

Thank you very much .

FB post by Cherry Zhang


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