PRC Guy Insults SG Girl At Tampines 1 For No Reason


This f*king china guy at Tampines 1 gave some comments about my hair when I was at Sasa minding my own business (looking for my things). It was then he said in Chinese “她的头发过年啊” LOL. It means “her hair new year ah? ”

Obviously, I was not happy at all because I did not do anything to you and if you wanna comment on my hair at least do so quietly LOL. I think he thought I was Malay so he commented about my hair in Chinese. He was really shocked when I answered him back. BTW my hair is purple LOL. what’s so fascinating about it? It’s my hair, not yours and how does it bother you MR PRC.
So I replied in Chinese “过年啊?” Which means new year ah? After which he nodded and just stared at me. *I was alone at that time n he was with 2 other girls. None of them said anything or replied to whatever he is saying.

So I continued saying in Chinese that if he were to comment stuff like this to someone else, who knows what might happen lol u could even get beaten by someone else. And that if he wants to give some comments he should at least see if the person understands Chinese or is a Chinese LOL. Then he replied in Chinese that he was JUST SAYING and left the shop after awhile while I was trying to take a photo of his fuck face.

Seriously I think my hair looks better than your goddamn face.

PS I talked nicely throughout and did not even raise my voice. So I’m being nice ok lol

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