I personally seen one before while I was sleeping on the floor she was looking down on me!

I suddenly woke up and saw her and I blink a few time and say to myself “pochong”

I stand up and look at her straight to her face because she was shorter then me she look up!

Her face as white as her white cloth and there no eyeball just hollow and her nose very nice sharp.

What I did next u won’t believe it even I myself also can’t believe it!!!
I use my fist to hit her a few times and my hand went thru her!!!

Well we were still staring each other and my hand touch the wall and trying to look for the light switch!

It took awhile to fine it in the dark and when I on it it disappear!

Until today I can still remember like it happen yesterday.

This happened when I was 28 year old and now I almost 44 year old!!!

Well I had seen far more scary ghost before. Believe me when I say this I am afraid of ghost but after I seen a number of them in my life time I get very angry!!! Why me there so many people in the whole hdb why they choose to come to me that is in my mind always! I very suey!!!


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