Last night a street performer got arrested at Orchard Road because someone reported the busker’s performance as a public nuisance.

The incident happened around 9.50pm last night. The police arrived at the front of Takashimaya and approach the performer and were to handcuff the performer in front the crowd of audience.  The performer was happy and shouted at the police.
A passerby named Eric was unhappy and told the police to back off. The police warn that he can be arrested for obstructing the police’s duties.

Unhappy at the treatment he received from the police officers, Eric took to Facebook to express his unhappiness and to shame the officers.

While some netizens supported Eric and accused the police officers of abusing their authority

“Street performer at orchard road got arrested in public by 2 Tanglin Division police in front of a large crowd of people in front of Takashimaya . With a valid licence to perform, sergeant sim handcuff street performer while I was at the traffic light junction. I heard the police handcuff saying he’s a public nuisance and shouted at him. He wasn’t shouting at him. He only raise me his voice to fight. Police abused his authority to even challenged to handcuff me as well when I spoke up in front of the crowd. Public witnessed the whole incident at 9.50 pm on 11/3/17 in front of Taka.”

Facebook post by Eric Fong



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