Police NSF stole from elderly woman that he was assigned to help


Mr Tan Bing Ren 21 years old was assigned to help Madam Tsang 84 years old retiree with a theft case but he stole 3 100g gold bar worth $13,800 instead.

On 24 November he and his colleague was attending the case at Madam Tsang house. She said that her maid had stolen them, and show both the police officers where she kept them.

Madam Tsang took out 4 gold bar and placed on her bed near Mr Tan file. While Mr Tan colleague and her were not looking he slip one into his file.

After he left the house he sold the gold bar to settled $2,000 he loaned from his friend and $20,000 to bank loan.

After few days he came back to Madam Tsang house and advised her to install CCTV and stole 2 more gold bar but was caught by Mdam Tsang.

Mr Tan pleaded guilty yesterday and was sentenced to 16 months jail.


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