Pokemon GO At Yishun – Pile of at least 70 bags of garbage a night



(Image source: TNP)

It has begun no less than one battle between two grown-ups, allegedly brought about one driver to crash, and made an activity risk since players all of a sudden dash crosswise over streets.

Pokemon Go, an area based expanded reality diversion where players catch, fight and prepare virtual animals on their cell phones, has now been reprimanded for another issue: Rubbish.

Heaps of it. At Yishun Park, the waste was deserted by somewhere in the range of 400 players who assemble daily at the prominent site, known for its numerous PokeStops, where the animals bring forth.

By cleaner Affendi Sohor’s retribution, the trash fills 70 major sacks each night. Since the weekend, that is the amount he and two kindred cleaners have gathered every night from 10pm to 5am.


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