Look at yusof ishak face even his eye become like that. Stop insulting the intellact of local singaporeans!

Are you serious PM LHL? Yes we remember fondly our first president Encik Yusof Ishak, who incidentally has his face graced upon our SG dollars. We are a Nation that is the envy of many countries. We are a multi racial, multicultural and multi religious country yet we stand united. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve nothing against any race being a President. But do u seriously need to mention it? Plainly said…i thot the best candidate with the most people’s vote will win.

If you wanna reserve a position for a specific race (any one of them), doesn’t this undermine all our efforts all these years to promote treating everyone fairly rather than their race?

When will the Caucasian have their turn? 4 major race right, in that case we should not leave them out.
We have had 3 Chinese PM till now, when will the other 3 race have their own Race Representative?
There’s no end you know when you want to play the Race Card.
Are you trying to say there are no capable malay candidate so you have to set a rules to have a malay president? If you agree that there are many capable malay then you won’t have to pass this rules.
You’re looking down on malays.
I’m sure our malay friends won’t like it too.

You think PE is like the World Cup or Olympic? Different race taking turn to host?

What happened to regardless of Race, Language or Religion?!?!?!?!


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