Please be careful to take of your kids when going to Art Zoo bouncing castle!


Dear friends and parents who plan to bring the children to ArtZoo,

please keep a look out for adults jumping in the inflatables with the children… some children i saw were as young as 18 months old.

My 7 year old girl, Charlotte, had an accident where by someone heavier and bigger than her jumped beside her and she flew straight out of the bouncing inflatable, landed flat down (head down first) on the hard ground.

We didnt know who is that irresponsible feller as it all happened within seconds. The area she landed has a big fire extinguisher on the ground. Really Thank God she didnt hit her head against the fire extinguisher. 😑

We feedback to one of the staff there and I hope the management should do something about this to prevent future such incidents from happening. Adult (parents) i feel can go in to look after the younger ones but they should not be jumping!

I hope theres no minor concussion as her head landed down first and we are going away for a road trip tomorrow.

Didnt expect to end our experience there so badly with ArtZoo as we had a great time at the beggining. 🙁

My post is public. Please share for awareness. Who would expect such accidents can happen with bouncing castle. Bouncing out of it its quite extreme and unbelievable but yes it happened to us. Hope the organiser can see my post too. We are still in shock.

EDITED: Art-Zoo has gotten back to me and will let their technical director knows. Hope better management will be implemented for the safety of all children.

Ps: I do not have any photos or whatsoever because at that point of time our priority was her well being and not taking photos of the fall.




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