At about 4.30pm yesterday, an extremely concerned PD volunteer came to the SAFE booth for help.
A mum from Malaysia came to #PinkDot2017 to look for resources and support.
Unfortunately, due to the new park rules, she wasn’t allowed into the park. ☹️

As the SAFE ladies weren’t at the booth, I went out with the PD volunteer to meet the 妈妈。

We stood outside the HLP Community Centre.
There were tears. She was heartbroken that life will not be easy for her daughter and wanted to know what she can do to support her.

Took down her number, and arranged for Joo Hymn of SAFE to call her.

She told me that her daughter’s coming to Singapore next week and so I invited them to visit the Pelangi Pride Centre library.

Encouraged her to walk the perimeters of HLP and to send selfies of herself at Pink Dot 2017 to her daughter, so that she knows that her mum is supportive of her.

Kudos to the two PD volunteers who happened to be partners and who also shared with the 妈妈 their own coming out experience and how long they’ve been together.

May this be the beginning of the conversation for the 妈妈 and her daughter.
May they be well and happy.

Facebook Post By: Eileena Lee


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