Philippine President Gives The Go Ahead For Citizens To Kill Crimminals


2016-02-08_17-19-37_duterte-mainPhilippine presidential competitor Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday (April 23) reestablished his promise to kill culprits as the extreme talking most loved hit the stump in the capital heading into the last leg of a dubious crusade.

Seen by fans and adversaries alike as a genuine living “Filthy Harry” from a southern city made notorious by shadowy vigilante demise squads, the 71-year-old chairman of Davao is the shock most loved in the race to succeed President Benigno Aquino. he told around 2,000 individuals who cheered and shook their clench hands amid a focal Manila rally not long after 12 pm

The drug pushers, kidnappers, robbers, find them all and arrest them. If they resist, kill them all,”


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