Hi all,

I wish to report an incident of harassment on board one of your busses.I boarded the bus 382W at 1821hrs at the bus stop opposite Punggol View Primary Sch with my two young children. When I boarded the bus the bus driver said “hi” to me. I then proceeded to have a seat and settle my two children in their seats safely.

Soon after I noticed the driver looking at me through the rear view mirror and mumbling. I at first ignored it. He then began to mumbled a little louder and his eyes were still on me through the mirror. I was then already afraid for me and my children’s safety. He continued to stare at me through the mirror and then mumbled very loud. I was the only passenger on the bus at this time. He kept mumbling loudly and from my seat I asked him what is the matter ?

He then said something but I couldn’t understand so I approached him and asked him calmly
what he had said.

He then asked me ” Are you Alisha?” he asked me this question a few times and I was at first in shock to what he was trying to ask me. I then replied “NO” and he then made a ‘kissing face’ a few times. I felt very disgusted, offended and very afraid for my safety.

I went back to the seat with my children. and held on to them. He then slowed down his bus to a stop and didn’t drive. I was terrified and raised my voice and said ” just drive. just drive. just drive.” He then said something and continued talking. The following bus stop there was a man with a stroller who boarded and the driver didn’t speak to me anymore but he kept looking at me through the mirror. The bus then started to become full with passengers when it reached the following bus stop and He didn’t disturb me anymore.

Pls share

Janil Puthucheary
Please read this horrid incident that has happened to me and my children.The police has been inefficient, they said it’s filed under harresment but can’t do anything about it unless I bring it to court. They told me to make a complain with the bus company so

I made a complaint with the bus company GoAhead Singapore and they said will look into the matter and watch him closely. And moved him to another bus berth. If this driver is still out there, I feel the need to create awareness to mothers with children or any female for that matter.
This is our home and these PRC drivers come here and think they can do this and get away with it?

Where is the justice in this system?
If he is so daring to act this way with the cameras on board the bus he obviously has no fear and he could still be driving the bus you are on now.


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