Pervert Stalker At Bukit Panjang!! PLEASE SHARE AND ALERT FAMILY!!!


bukit_panjang_stalker_mrt_girls_bewareEarlier this evening whilst i was on my way home, inside the train i noticed this guy who looked like an Indian national had been staring at me for sometime..this pervert even move his lips n showed me that he wants a kiss..

When i alighted at Pending station, he followed me until near my block..i was compelled to shout at this pervert, only then he walked out on me..thank god luckily nothing serious happen!!!

To all the girls living in Bukit Panjang, PLEASE beware of this sick freak!! At the same time i will be making a police report tomorrow n im sure with all the cameras around the mrt, this pervert will be caught SOON! Good luck to u freaking pervert!!

Please share this post around, so that we will be more careful!!


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