Pervert ex cab driver molested two nursing intern at CGH!!!


Two young ladies was molested by a ex-cab driver while serving their intership at Changi General Hospital.

Woo Kiam Sing, 70, has admitted not only to use his left hand to tap a 23 year old’s buttock two time on Feb 17 but also smack the bottom of a 21 year old twice the next day who are interning at the hospital.Woo was checked in to CGH for a road accident during the time of the incidents.

On Feb 17, Woo got up beside his bed making a request to go to the washroom while the 23-year-old was doing a routine patients check at the ward.

She was taken aback but was at a loss when she felt his hand tapping her buttock twice in the midst of escorting him to the toilet. Despite it was the second occasion that he had molest her, she continued with her work.

The following day as by the 21- year old victim walked past Woo, along the corridor of ward, a smack was felt on her buttocks with Woo smiling and uttering the “naughty” when she turned around

The next day, the 21-year-old victim was walking along the corridor of a ward when she saw her colleague and Woo walking in front of her.She walked away with full of shock.

When the two victims during that evening informed their clinical instructor and internship supervisor a police report was advised to lodge. On Feb 19 a police report was made. With each count of using criminal force to outrage modesty, Woo could be jailed for up to two years.


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