What the Fuk!!! I’m so sorry for the foul language but seriously wtf…
I got off a ship today in Bali and flew from Bali to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, and wen I picked up my luggage from the carousel in Singapore, I realized that the lock has been ripped off and my suitcase broken into… 😱
you can tell by the picture that it was broken into with a lot of force.

I quickly open it to check if anything was stolen from inside but luckily nothing was stolen, but my items had been opened and tempered with. (Mainly my CDs and sheet music)
I report it to security and to “lost and Found” right away to report the damages.
3 others from the same flight had the same problem with things stolen.

There’s a fuking scum at Bali airport who’s doing this to innocent people.
The real scary thought isn’t your belongings being stolen, it’s the drugs/bombs that may be planted in your luggage without you knowing.

For Fuk sakes we go through so many security screenings and shit at the airport AND there’s shit like this going on INSIDE the airport. Wtf?!
Don’t they do background checks on people working at the airport????

I flew 78 flights last year and never came across anything disgusting like this.
Tips from a pro traveler, always check your bags when you take it off the carrousel.
Check if your wheels are broken and check if your locks has been broken into, and report it to authority right away.

But If someone planted drugs in your bag, how the Fuk are you gonna prove that it isn’t yours???? That’s the most fuked up part of this situation. Something’s gotta be done!!!!!! 😡😡😡

Let me make this VERY clear, especially to some idiots out there. 👊🏻
To me, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are. As a human being doing this kind of disgusting act like breaking other people’s properties and stealing is just disgraceful.
This could have happened to anyone or anywhere. Could have happened in France or Hong Kong.
But unfortunately today, it happened in Bali Indonesia.
This kind of bad behavior could have changed someone’s life 180 degrees forever, like put in jail or death sentence because someone planted drugs or dangerous goods in your bag…

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Source: FB post by Katei Chang


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