To our FB friends;

Today we went through something that I feel needs to be shared. Our daughter has an app that she has been using with some friends and family members that went from fun, to making me furious. The name of this app is called

First I want to say how proud of our daughter I am and want this to be a warning to your families. Instead of saying the words, let me show you; see below…

Please, tell your kids to let you know if anyone ever asks something like this, let them know it’s okay to tell you. It has helped us in this situation.

If your wondering if we called the police, yes and they have the phone to pull all of the information to track this person down.

Please feel free to share if you think it can help others….

I know many will blame us parents for this happening. But we never thought like predators and I guess we were naive in thinking that our daughter was safe on what we thought to be a kid-friendly app. We have learned the hard way. I ask that you not judge us (many still will) but let our experience teach us all.

Update: The detective has found the IP address of this person and has submitted a supeona to this app to freeze all records pertaining to this person (s). They are continuing to make progress!

To the people who wonder why a 7-year-old has access to this;

Our daughter does not have a phone of her own. This app was on one of our phones for use when we were around. She used this app to connect with her cousins and make goofy duets of songs together. We have accepted friends of theirs and our daughter believed this was another one. I never thought of someone pretending to be 9 to gain access to my child. We live and learn and I continue to do so every day as a parent.

This post is meant as a warning call to others that let their children use this app. This post wasn’t meant for people telling me how to raise my child. My child came and told me and it didn’t get any further luckily. She followed what I taught her. I’m sure that others families aren’t so lucky. The world we live in needs focus on these types of things, say what you will.

To those who have went through this as we have or worse, I stand with you! let’s fight these [email protected] together and give our children their safety back.

Source: FB post by Brad Summer


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