RE: Licensed debt collector published video of failed aiming.

I am the family member of the 2 individuals in the video posted by Naveen Lalf.

Here are some things we need to clarify:

The uploader claimed that he, “go as licensed debt collectors talk so nicely”. I would like to say that this is totally not true and the public should not judge them with a merely 13 second video out of the whole 1 hour dispute.

Also, they did not make any threatening remarks to the debt collectors, unlike what the debt collectors mentioned about throwing boiling water.

The man (my uncle) and woman (my aunt) in the video are siblings, not husband and wife. They also did not receive much education and cannot understand English.

The debt was owned by my uncle’s China friend who used my uncle’s name to register a local restaurant as private limited. The friend has since ran away and left the debt to my uncle. `

In fact, one of the debt collector kept shouting ‘diam!’ at my aunt who was trying to talk to them in mandarin. She had no idea what was going on and who are they.

The debt collectors were fierce when communicating and kept banging the door despite the fact that they already closed the door. We were the ones that called the police for help, then eventually the debt collectors left after talking to the police.

However, as this had implicated my aunt who is an innocent party in this dispute, we felt that we need to clarify this.

The video clip had caused my aunt to feel extremely stressful and affected her negatively. She had even told us a few times that she wanted to jump down from 16th floor and will ask Naveen Lal to wait at the foot of the block.

We are sincerely reaching out to the online community to stop sharing and commenting on that video clip, request for the video to be deleted and for a public apology on Facebook by Naveen Lal.

Thank you.

Source: SaveaLife

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