I usually dun post much on fb but i feel i am obliged to post this incident to warn other new home owners. Pls help to share so more ppl will be aware of this id. So ard feb-march i went to seek ard for some id companies. And so we found this id “PHILEO INTERIOR DEZIGN PTE LTD uen: 20172958M”.

After meeting with him he seems VERY confident and very knowledgeable abt what he is doing. So on 13 March 18 I pay a deposit of $1500 since i collecting my hse key n shifting in end of march to the new hse.. will tat amount he only do install all the lighting and fan…

In 2 may 18, we meet again and discuss abt the payment and choose the color n etc… then make payment of $7940(attach the transaction) .. next day i keep calling.. he promised to bring in the kitchen stuffs.. delay all the time.. he even bring in one PC who name is Qisya.. after few weeks we start to chase them n they will give blady reason for the work not done… for total of $9740… they only do toilet, electrical & kitchen base.. wow!!!! Seriously… he even give me a schedule to complete everything in 12 June.. it already delay for 1 mth.. and 4 June received a call from his wifey… come and meet seek apology to cause of the delay… info keep coming in HE MIA wif the fund but not only my hse there a 8 to 10 hse… more $150K gone… get to know he run away n company no FUND.. all use up… continue but in MALAY… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nie lah dia melayu kasi support.. cukup time buih.. mcm ane nak maju.. x kaya mana pon.. tapy kau mesti ingat kite bukan baruah anjing kau.. jgn jadi jantan kelepek… besar punya PUXxxxxx bodoh siak.. nie bukan 10cts atau 20cts punya harga… duit bukan dtg dari daun petik…time org kejar kau x happy ajak perang.. (Saya bukan gangster 10cts atau 20cts) chey ckp mcm sambah petir.. tapy kena gegar antar bini.. harap jer ade tatoo yg x cantik satu badan.. cukup time.. muka pon x nmpk bayang… Sxxx betul kau MOHD RAFIE .. ckp baik2 x guna.. jadi skrg sendiri mahu jwb ok!!!! Xder gunanyer kol n msg x reply fb nak block gone MIA u can do ur all mean.. but standy there a AUTHORITY IN SINGAPORE… JADI KALAU DAH LAMA X MKN NASI FREE KAN.. SO AKAN DPT ANTI… SILAP X DPT RAYA… KAU NAK BUAT BULAN BAIK NI MCM NIE KASI KITE SUSAH SO.. KITE SUSAHKAN ABISLAH… OK!!!☝️☝️☝️☝️ RAYA 1 WEEK more wei..


MAKE THIS VIRAL!!! I usually dun post much on fb but i feel i am obliged to post this incident to warn other new home…

Posted by Hirda Adi on Saturday, June 9, 2018


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