12414412Cyber scam? I don’t know much till I pay money and learn!!! Well, it’s a sharing and hope you guys share around refraining anyone to fall into same trap as me. When it’s comes to you on same situation, you might be the next victim.. Don’t look down on hackers or look up yourself 😊

Impressive move:
1) send you message via POSB heading
2) So when you see your account is temporary blocked, you click on the link. (Since it’s POSB heading)
3) Go to POSB webpage
4) link you to DBS I banking secure page
5) Normal process on logging in to account with token password
6) Den Hacker take over your account to feed their IT professional. Good Game

***Physical Token and Handphone with me all the while during the process***

– DBS banking hence send you an official message that you are going to be a happy boy since hacker activate your DIGITAL Token when you have A PHYSICAl Token! So it’s a good way for hacker to bypass my physical token to transferred my money out. 4896! So smart from hacker and banking point of view..

Immediately watching LIVE transact of my money to other people, called bank and they say: Freeze your account now and please file a police report.

Went police station, police wrote an official report to me and advice me that Minimum chance of getting the money unless is local bank. And they really transferred to a local POSB bank. So I got chance to get back my money already 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Just hope everyone aware that this could/would/might happen to you someday somehow.



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