Orchard Tower girl grab my crotch and don’t want let go



(Image source: i.gr-assets.com)

Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Recently my friends brought me to orchard tower for drinking.

It’s my first time there seriously.

When we enter orchard tower i could see some girls wearing very sexy and asking customer for massage.

We went to the 5th floor pub.

We had fun there and i decided to take a walk around orchard tower while my friends still happily drinking.

As walking around there a girl who approached me she suddenly grabbed my crotch and don’t want let go.

She kept blinking her eyes at me and i kept pulling her hand away from my crotch.

Awhile later she let go and i went back to join my friends.

Thinking back then, i had an weird feeling like i wanted to up her.

Should i go back find her? She might still remember me.

By John


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