One-Stop Abuse Forensic Examination (OneSafe) Centre for Rape Victims!


Police will receive alleged rape report from victims without having the victims themselves to endure more stress of taken to a public hospital for the essential check-up.

A victim can be address to at a new center in the Police Cantonment Complex with by specialists from the Singapore General Hospital if the alleged sexual assault is reported within 72 hours of the incident,

After a review of investigation and court procedures dealing with sexual crimes, Ministry of Home Affairs announced The One-Stop Abuse Forensic Examination (OneSafe) Centre as one of the capability.

Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam explained at a press conference that in order not to add to the victims trauma and to give confidence to them to step forward without making the whole experience a tough one.

Victims would be able to be at ease to file a report and go through an examination.

In the testing phases when the center starts its operations last month it would attend to adult rape victims who do not need other medical attention.

Among the average rape cases of 150, most of the alleged offense are reported after 72 hours: Deputy Commissior of Police Tan Chye Hee, director of CID.

The Police are also working with Aware in developing a training video to better equip officers who come into contact with victims with the proper method.

The video aims to help officers to respond to the victims’ experiences in the midst of investigation based on the experiences of Aware’s clients at its Sexual Assualt Care Center.

The Center is projected to be in fully operational by the third part of the year



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