This man right here, make a deal with my mum for buying a sling bag 2 weeks ago but did not turn up with difference excuses, never mind….

He messaged my mum and say that he’s interested in the bag and would like to make a deal but he didn’t turn up even though my mum waited for him for the whole day and even arrange my brother to wait for him. In the middle of the night. He even messaged that he’s on the way to collect but still didn’t turn up in the very end.

So back to yesterday 07/11/2017, early in the morning at the timing 6.22am, he pm-ed my mum and asked for the price and the collection area. so my mum didn’t notice it that it was the same person that didn’t turn up last two week and replied to him.

After confirming he said that he will be here before 2.30pm on 07/11/2017. But he didn’t turn up again. Around 2.50pm, my mum enquire if he’s on the way? He replied he’s on the way and he will be grabbing over and asked for the postal code. So my mum gave him, but even after waiting for him till 9pm my mum even messaged him nicely and said since he have not turn up for so many time the item is no longer reserved for him. He replied saying that he’s not backing out as he’s stuck at work, and confirm that he will be coming and collect after work. My mum ignored his message. At 1.20am on the date of 08/11/2017 , he pm-ed my mum saying he’s coming over, so my mum agreed as she heaven’t sleep yet. While he is “on the way” he tried make an excuse to negotiate the price lower as it was middle of the night.

But my mum refused , still he agreed to come over as he is already on his way down. At about 02;45am , he informed my mum that he had reached the destination . So my dad went down to meet him as it was already midnight . upon meeting him , my dad allowed him to check the bag and he put in his belongings .

Right after that , he told my dad that he does not have enough cash so my dad followed him to a nearby atm bank , immediately he ran away without payment . My dad even fall down while chasing after him as my dad slipper is slippery..

We have lodge a police report against him.
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MAKE HIM POP! Since he think that $39 is worth to make a case for himself. Anyway, his facebook is https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010820801715


Source: Alicia Ong


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