shopliftThese 2 ladies in their late 40s or probably early 50s ( u judge) shoplifted in my shop.
Pictures taken fm our cctv footage and police report made.
Please help to share! 🙏

Date: Saturday ( 22/9/2018)
Time: 905pm.
Venue: fareast plaza

My shutters were already drawn half way and the lady in leopard printed dress popped her head in and asked if i’ve closed. ( that pic of her was taken fm our cctv footage while she was already trying on clothes ) she walked in wearing a white tank top with a blue linen outer top & jeans.

( i will name her P for pathetic) I told her its ok, u can still come in. So, she made a phone call & i presumed that call was to let her “sis” know that this shop only have 1 staff. Her sis ( i will name her S for shameless ) came in to join her in “their free shopping spree”. P tried to distract me by trying on almost 10pieces of items and chucked them everywhere while S helped herself to stealing small items and sliding them into her bag. They spoke proper english and discussed about where she can wear this dress/top to. Perhaps to New york for hi-tea. ( that was one of their conversations and my guess was that they were trying to convey messages to me that they are well-to-do taitais) I also overheard S calling P “Amy” .

The spree ended with P paying for a top @ $89.9 and she passed me a $100( Brunei dollar ) and they happily got away with few items from my shop. Last but not least, S also took a scarf which we have in the fitting room for customers with make up to use. I presumed she thought that was a HER-MESS silk scarf.

They may tend to target small businesses like ours thinking that there’s nothing much we can do about it even if we caught them in footages like this. In case you ( S & P ) are reading this, i may not be able to nab you on the spot but i trust that u will soon be caught not now but later. So, please continue your shopping sprees and give other victims a chance to do so. Thank you.

I am also very certain that we are not the only victim in the mall and without any doubts, they are professional shoplifters.

-SHOPLIFTERS-These 2 ladies in their late 40s or probably early 50s ( u judge) shoplifted in my shop. Pictures taken…

Posted by Von Tan on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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