NUS Student Make Girl Pregnant Run Away, He hopes she die while giving birth

lee-satu_2“1 more month till our daughter will be born, how quickly time must have passed for you i bet.. For the past month I’ve been trying to contact you in attempts to update you on the condition of our baby which you’ve ignored.
1785738d-1184-4524-9536-7e54d814b4fdWhen you DID reply, you chose to hide behind your mother yet again.. despite you being 21. You claimed that i was blackmailing you. Are you aware of the risks of a baby being born premature to 35 weeks..? Do you not care that she’s suffering the most right now? Our angel, who’s done absolutely nothing wrong.
You said that my parents can contact your family if i really “want anything from you”. I don’t understand.. Are you not an adult? She’s our baby and not your family’s, why can’t we treat the situation as such..? All i asked of you was to do your part during the pregnancy, to respect Cadence.”

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