“NUS MeatyButNotFat” Girl Got Gang Rape After Getting Drunk


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I have nvr been a slim slender person. More on the meatybutnotfat side and is considered voluptuous. I dont really socialise a lot, since my interests r hardly what other females like to talk about. Instead i spend my time at volunteer work, with animals and such. Sometimes i wld pull my 2 close guy mates along, pals i had since sec sch. They often played down my insecurities.. eg joking that when i am a wedding planner (my dream job) the grooms wld wanna do me even before they get married.

I had a bf.. and gave myself to him. But it turned out that he was only in lust with me.. and so we broke up. I was heartbroken..

On a night out with my bros, we somehow got drunk and they drove me to one of their home and felt me all over. When i woke up, i realised they had their turns with me and they apologised profusely while assuring me tt they wore protection. They said they simply couldnt control themselves, my breasts and butt were simply too sexy and they just couldnt stop.and they had fantasized abt me for v long. I was too shocked seriously… staring at the many used condoms ard and hearing their continuous apologies and such… i just made them swear it wont happen agn.

Unfortunately it did. One time and i gave them a thrashing. I also overheard other frens expressing envy that i am their frenwbenefit cos of my boobs and i was so angry. We are no longer frens. And i checked their hp and laptops to delete any poss. shots and videos.

I feel so worthless now. No frens and used. pp are only interested in my body, not me. My low self esteem just got to new lows.

I am not attractive looking and my boobs attract the wrong crowd. I like to be touched but my heart needs the touch more.

Can pp be more true and kind

Source: NUS Whisper FB Page


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