Tonight the public will know.

As per your “leaked conversation”.

1) What was fed to everyone living in this country was that, the deciding factor, nail hammered to the board that the only reason why the weight was limited to 20kg was due to the fact that if the pmd were to be heavier in weight and if there were to be a collision, the impact would be greater, physics 101, same goes for speed, the lighter the pmd, the slower it runs, the lesser the impact, thus for the safety of the pedestrians and all who are still breathin, the weight was limited to 20kg.

Now this is where it gets interesting. You stabbed yourself in the back when you addressed the leaked conversation that was in circulation, to cut the story short, we know now that in actual fact, the conversation did actually took place, it doesn’t matter who leaked it out or who was it sent to. The least you could had done was to explain, but you didn’t, oh well it was within your rights not to do so.

2) You mentioned that the decision for the weight limit was never about the, “FORCE OF IMPACT”, it was basically to rid our society of all, “BIG INTIMIDATING RIDES”.

3) You mentioned that the LTA CHIEF made you promise in exchange for his/their endorsement.

So can we trust the LTA? What you mentioned in the conversation is incriminating towards a government official and also a government stat board. So have you been telling lies from the get-go? Has the LTA been telling lies from the get-go?

You as the chairman of BWSS, and an advisor to the Active Mobility Panel, with such conversation, makes it seem that the proposed proposal was biased from the get-go, it evolved from the actual aspect of safety to an exorcism of your agenda.

I believe we can all learn from this situation, and everyone has the right to seek the truth. You definitely have loads of explaining to do.

I am exercising my right as a citizen of this country to seek opinions on social media as per to my doubts based upon this leaked conversation. In no way am i implicating anyone nor any organisation in particular. We want the truth, we deserve the truth and we need the truth. In the eyes of the law, it states, anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law.

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly” -Mahatma Gandhi-

With reference from our national pledge, “To build a democratic society based on JUSTICE and EQUALITY so as to achieve HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and PROGRESS for our nation”

Ps: Dont worry I won’t claim any copyright to my post’s cause in accordance to the act, my fb post can’t be copyrighted, lol.

An official police report has been made with regards to this issue, report number as follows,
G/20180507/7051, and an official report with CPIB.

Ball is in your court.


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