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Beware of this guy!!!!!

This guy currently working as an insurance agent!!! Please don’t buy any policy plan, endowment plan or even investment plan with him!!! He is a conman plus scammer!!! And also a big a** hole!!!!! Cheat girls money never mind still want to show off how much money he have. When girls not interested, he use his car to hook them up. Please la!!! Say looks you don’t have. Say height you also don’t have! Wake up the idea la!!! You want to be gigolo? You are not up to the standard!!!! Only know how to bully single mum! What kind of guy are you? Really damn bastard! Disgrace all the guys face!!! Girls doesn’t want to have sex with him, he push himself onto them. Push also don’t want end up rape. Rape never mind still dare to shoot in and take video!!!! Really no standard!!! This kind of guy should really be jailed for life!

At the beginning, he will say he like you. Want you to be with him. He will marry you and want you to give birth to his child. He will take responsibility. But when things happen, he just deny everything. Block you at Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even calls too. After that, went into hiding and even worst mia! So far, two girls have been affected.

No doubt, one is me another is a girl who is currently pregnant for 1 month. He owe me a total of $1.7k and refuse to pay me after much chase. He even warn me not to tell anyone!!! Ad a guy, you did not honor your words so you don’t expect me to honor my words!!! I have no choice but to seek advice on how to get my money back hence I approach legal debt collectors to help me. They manage to track him down easily. They spoke to him and he deny as usual. But somehow he agreed to make the payment on the first week of sept. But when due for payment, he deny and say won’t pay. Again, this drag until they visited his house. House owner say he is not home. How true is this no one knows. Until I approach his direct director for help. He assured me he will help me to settle and get back to me but no news till now. Yet, he still have the cheek to report police to say I harass him!!

I know he has been going around to play with girls. How many more are affected I don’t know. Have to share the post to see how many girls have been affected. If you are one of them, please kindly help to share your experience so that no other girls will fall for it again.

PS: Photos and screenshot are not in order as attached. PLEASE HELP TO SHARE. Thank you very much!

Facebook post by: Joanne Jocaste


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