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Recently I read and new in about a company that their boss gone missing and employee are not been paid.

A former employee then posted in stomp somewhere in early June 2013. Business Allianze Services Pte Ltd was the name of the company who was SATS sub-contractor.

This is the same company I have problem with and the owner who is a female Chinese citizen and a PR in Singapore is not replying. Mrs Lin Jie who is the owner move from her Pasir Ris hdb to Toa Payoh condo. Her husband Mr Paul Sin who most of the employee know as the boss is running the company.

Mr Paul has given me several cheques, and I found out these dosent belong to him and that the sign and issue to me. Police has classified this as a fraud case. In 2015 I was told that the was in jail for a few day due to some CAD case.

Untill now, after 2 years of waiting, he will only promise me a date to pay and then he will be uncontactable. He will promise me every week but then give so many reason when the times come. I was told that he is s heavy gambler who is always in MBS.

I have info that he is always in MBS but to look for him there is as good as paying $100 per day

I came to visit his house in Pasir Ris and the house seems like it’s been sealed by HDB. I was told that he and his wife Ms Lin Jie is staying in a condo in Toa Payoh.

I will attach all the cheques that he gave me and I believe that many are looking for him. I even have people from Myanmar looking for him as I was told that he cheat them with fake contracts and project.

He is a very dangerous man and I hope nobody falls into his trap.

Thank you.

<Facebook Messages: Alam Shah>


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