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For those of you interested in the birth control bar that goes in your arm nexplanon. DO NOT GET IT!! Not only has it made me literally crazy! They can’t even find it to get it out of my arm! I sat in a chair while 3 doctors/nurses dug in my arm searching for it for over an hour.

After an X-ray an more digging to come up empty handed still, I am now left with it still in my arm, stitches, swollen an bruised arm along with another appointment to have it surgically removed! The side effects of this birth control include depression an mood swings an let me tell you what I thought I’ve been going insane this whole time! DO NOT GET THIS BIRTH CONTROL!

***(10/04/17)since everyone is asking questions I will gladly update everyone seeing as I made this post a year ago, in turn it showed up in my memories so I shared it and it happened to reach an amazing amount of people. That being said going into detail and letting everyone know what the outcome was after this, I have another post a few months after this one showing my arm stitched from finally get it removed. It did show up on the xrays my doctor took but she couldn’t find it even after that. At one point she thought she found it and she started trying to tear my tendon put of my arm. After almost 2 hours and 2 slices in my arm with 3 licensed doctor’s unable to find it (mind you I was awake the whole time having to have it renumbed multiple times) they decided they were unable to remove it and didn’t want to cause me anymore pain.

After it healed from the stitches and my arm wasn’t sore and bruised anymore I went to my OB office to have a guided ultrasound done while they removed it. I told my OB what happened the first time and she told me she removes at least 8 a week and it takes her less than 5 mins. Without the ultrasound she felt my arm for the bar and made a slice where she thought the end of it was and couldn’t find it so she made another slice up a little higher and found it but couldn’t get it out of the slice she made so she had to cut an even bigger hole in my arm.

The end result was I finally got it out and in the process of her removing it she bent it in half. This took place in February 2017 My post wasn’t just to warn girls that it could migrate but the fact of the side effects being so bad I thought I was going crazy. I’ve had Multiple woman send me messages telling me they thought they we’re going crazy too.

I also have friends who have had some of the same problems including one of them having to go under and have hers surgically removed, and another one ending up in pine rest because she couldn’t control how she felt. Granted your right it works well for some woman but a majority of the woman commenting on this post have nothing but bad things to say and warnings to give.

A lot have also admitted to feeling the exact same way I had after getting the birth control. I didn’t make this post a YEAR ago to start drama or anything else. I made it to let others know things that can possibly happen because of this birth control.

Source: FB post by Kelly King


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