I read books while on the MRT. Yeah, those bulky, low tech paper things. I don’t watch TV.I usually greet shop owners and drivers when I enter a cafe or bus/taxi.

I study without taking exams. I have a couple of textbooks that I read out of interest because I think online articles and one day workshops don’t cut it.I do not shortlist candidates based on grades or brand name schools when I hire. I believe in diamonds in the rough, and not reducing people to numbers. It is hard, but I try.I have no desire to buy a car.

After some back of the envelope calculations, I found I could take a taxi twice a day for 10 years and still come out ahead without worrying about parking, insurance and taxes.I don’t like rushing and squeezing with crowds for buses, trains or escalators. I am usually the last person on, or the one guy walking up the stairs slowly.My favorite coffee kakis are different from me demographically.

A couple are about 10 years younger, one is about 15 years older. Some are not local.I would support social security for the under privileged, even if it hits my salary. Yeah economics. Yeah precedents. Yeah slippery slopes. But my heart breaks when I see disabled people and old aunties selling tissue and collecting newspapers, ok?

And.. Most people don’t think I am a Singaporean.About once a week I go through something like this:Q: ‘Hi, where are you from?’ (A: ‘Singapore’) Q2: ‘No, I mean where were you born?’ (Singapore – but does it matter?). Q3: ‘But you have a blue IC right?’ (Pink – but does it matter?) Q4: ‘….passport?’ (Red – but…)‘ Q5: “Ah, but did you do your NS?’ (Yes, failed IPPT, still doing reservist – happy now?)”

Source: Quroa Post by Jason T Widjaja


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