Recently, I did an experiment to see if I could live in Singapore without using money and without going home. My eventual goal is to be able to do this indefinitely. After all, if you can live in Singapore without using money, then you are free from all fear such as job loss, business failure, losing your home, etc.

One of the things I needed to obtain was shelter for the night. I needed a place where I could be protected from rain, where I could close my eyes and go to sleep without fear of losing my possessions. Fortunately, Singapore is rather safe, and the 3 main interruptions I faced were:

  • Police officers patrolling
  • Passers-by talking
  • A really hard floor or bench

I discovered that lying in a secluded corner, on a piece of cardboard solved most of the problems. Except for police officers patrolling, because it seems they know all the secluded spots.

Secluded spots are where you will find the homeless sleeping at night. Or in the day. That is why you hardly see them.

Homeless people walk beside you on the street. Homeless people sit near you at fast food restaurants, because while churches turn them away and ask them to leave their premises, fast food restaurants welcome them to sit, eat leftovers, and sleep. Homeless people sit near you at food courts and hawker centres, watching you, waiting for you to finish eating before swooping in to eat your leftovers.

Homeless people sleep at Changi Airport at night. Not everyone who sleeps at Changi Airport is a weary traveller. There are about 20 homeless persons there. They have all their possessions on an airport trolley.

One of the best way to spot a homeless person is by the cardboard that they sleep on.

Visit Bras Basah Complex at night, especially the McDonald’s restaurant there. You will find homeless persons.

Visit Sungei Road at night. With the flea market closed, the homeless who used to sleep there at night have nowhere else to go.

Chinatown. Toa Payoh Central. These are all places where homeless people stay at night. In my neighbourhood there are two homeless persons that sleep at the void deck. You don’t see them if you are there too early.

There are homeless persons in Singapore. Be kind to one when you see them

Source: Quora post by Daniel Tay


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