Every time when it’s Ramadan, people will head to Geylang Serai bazaar to purchase Deng-deng. I find that they’re just expensive and not that great anyways as they’re always thick and soft. So since my family loves Deng-deng so much and requested I made it from scratch for them, I thought why not and here they are… Surprise!!

I want to share my recipe with you all in case you want to try it out yourself. Trust me, it’s worthed it. I used ground beef -2kg and managed to get 15 packs in total. For the record, I do not use any measurements

in all my cooking. I just put according to judgement and tasting till I’m satisfied they’re good to go. So be prepared that the ingredients I provided below have no measurements. So for the mix, I used;
1. Light soya sauce
2. Fish sauce
3. Sesame oil
4. Thai sweet chilli sauce
5. Ground black pepper
6. Piri-Piri spices
7. Honey
8. Fine granulated sugar
*combine them well and follow the instructions as indicated in the pictures below.

Final mix and marinate for 4 hours in the fridge

Place a scoopful in a plastic bag and using the rolling pin to flatten the meat to the thickness of your desire.

This is the final look. Put them in the freezer for a night.

Grilled them in the over at 160 degress for a total of 20 mins. Grilled at 10 mins for each side. Spreading a mixture of oil and sugar water to get the gloss. Leave to rest for 10 mins once it’s out of the oven. Here’s the deng-deng ready to be devoured!!


Source: FB post by Shifa Surani


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