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I don’t have a throwaway account, so please don’t hunt me down. Anyway, hope i can obtain some advice.

Some background info about me. I went to a 6 year IP Secondary School/Junior College. I’m an introvert, was a loner, had only 1-2 good friends, stuck with gaming for the first 3-4 years.

Fast forward to JC1, i am taking PCME H1 econs. Grades are really bad since i have no motivation to learn useless subjects just for a certificate that would allow me to enter a Uni. I have shit year 4 results, O level equivalent would be around 28 points.

I also got bored of gaming in early JC1 and quit gaming cold turkey. I am sort of a loner, didn’t fit in with my male classmates as all were on the very noisy, rowdy, gaming spectrum.

Also, I have very severe eczema that is hindering my ability to carry out activities that require sweating & sometimes even walking and also studies. I feel as if the JC curriculum is just not for me due to the immense amount of stress. It also took a turn for the worse 1-2 weeks ago where I had to “sleep off the pain”.

However, i am very interested in AI, cryptocurrency trading & blockchain technologies. Also am founder of a small project in cryptocurrencies & have a sizeable stack from trading/investing. I want to pick up programming, mainly C++, Python, Javascript & Solidity to potentially prepare for my career in the cryptocurrency space.

Thus, i am thinking of dropping out from JC to Poly and taking up an information technology (IT) course as I thought it would help me build a good foundation for potential further studies in University or for my future career. I am appealing to all polys except temasek. Have sent an email to them but have not received any replies yet. I am very worried about not being able to enter a poly & my desired course. Also my prelims start a few hours later & i’m not very optimistic about even subpassing. Do Polys look at JC1 grades as reference too?

I understand that my case is very unique, but I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation before.


Have shit grades, social issues, severe eczema, but very interested in blockchain/crypto technology. Am worried about not getting into my desired course in Poly.

Edit: just to clarify, i’m JC1 now



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