People who purchase an iphone are either financially retarded or are ignorant, act atas people. Why would you pay $1000 for a phone is just beyond me. Their cost to produce a smartphone is probably $200 and ignorant fools are paying like a $800 premium for it? Is it for the branding? For that name that the apple logo you carry around? Or for the gram? Especially when you’re maybe earning only like 1k a month average during your university days, even if you’re loaded, it’s still just financially irresponsible.

I know some of you atas wannabes will comment that it’s your choice and it’s your money, you can do whatever you want with it. I do not disagree, this however, is also my opinion and i’m just humbly sharing it.

These wannabe people are, as i’ve observed, mostly people who like post nice OOTDs and selfies on instagram, use iPhone because of the depth effect function and the high photo quality, complete with a quote or a phrase about how you are so deserving of this but really, this just sounds extremely narcissistic and ignorant. These are the same people who have complaints about having no money at the end of the day because they need to ”fit in” by having the most hyped technology.

An Iphone is worth an excess of 200 plates of 2 vegetable, 2 meat cai png, or even a year’s supply of a cheap meal at macdonalds. 200 full meal vs a phone that you will switch out for when the next Iphone rolls around, just think about that for a moment.

That $800 you save can get you at least 100 cups of venti size starbucks frapps. So, don’t ever date a person who used the latest Iphone ’, chances are, they’re probably extremely superficial, or are just plain retarded and ignorant. You will NOT enjoy dating these fools. Of course, to these fools, feel free to defend and justify your lavish lifestyle, but for most of us (i hope), we’re just lucky enough to be a little smarter than you. Like if you agree.


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